About Us

The USLPA is an organization that is build on the mantra “for players, by players.” Not only was the organization created by USL players, it is run by and for USL players. The players on each team vote to elect a Team Representatives, and those Player Representatives elect a seven-player Executive Board. The Executive Board governs the PA and makes all major decisions. The Executive Board also hires the PA’s Executive Director, who runs the day-to-day operations of the PA, and its General Counsel, who provides legal advice to the PA.


Executive Committee - 2018-2021

The Executive Committee oversees and directs all USLPA operations, communications, strategy, business development, player relations, internal communication and management, finances, personnel management, board of directions, collective bargaining committee, media, and social media.

Tommy Heinemann

Connor Tobin

Trey Mitchell

Board of Directors - 2021

The Board of Directors organizes the structure, vision, and decision-making of the Players Association. They also oversee Collective Bargaining Agreement construction, negotiation and ratification, communicate with Team Representatives as delegated by Executive Directors, participate in necessary USLPA committees, and provide insight into internal USLPA discussions.

Aodhan Quinn

Director of Community Relations and Diversity

Brad Ring

Director of Corporate Partnership and Fundraising

Carl Haworth

Director of Finance

Cody Laurendi

Director of Player Education

Sam Fink

Director of Marketing and Social Media

Player Relations

The Player Relations Department serves as the primary bridge between the USLPA Executive Committee and the overall USL player pool. They advocate and support players with a wide variety of issues and communicate with the USL League Office on behalf of players.

USLPA Timeline

Jan. 2018

USLPA is Founded

Nov. 2019

USL Formally Recognizes Players Association as bargaining agent for USL Championship

Feb. 2020

USL Formally Recognizes Players Association as bargaining agent for USL League One

June 2020

League and USLPA Reach 2020 Return to Play Agreement, the first collective agreement between the two entities

April 2021

League and USLPA Reach 2021 Return to Play Agreement